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For some reason, the BBC haven’t put their video of the One Show from last night on BBC iPlayer yet. But I must ask – how many people who are complaining about Jeremy Clarkson’s comments today actually watched the One Show yesterday?

I ask, because anyone who did would realise Clarkson did not just say he wanted to shoot all of the strikers.

Only five seconds earlier, he spoke in support of their actions.

Then, Matt Baker or Alex Jones said something along the lines of it being quite mild-mannered or generous for Clarkson.

And then, only then, did Clarkson say the comments that are appearing all over the press today.

Jeremy Clarkson gave two separate, differing opinions on the strikers, and it is unclear which of these opinions is the genuine one. When the show comes onto BBC iPlayer I will transcribe the whole thing, so people can see what was actually said. It’s not as one-sided as the media the the unions are making out.


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